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Online Voting and Online Polling Experience for AGM and EGM

About Us

ODESI eAGM is an integrated cloud-based solution that digitalise the casting of votes, polling of votes and a real-time result of voting and polling during the strata AGM and EGM. We are passionate about digital transformation for the strata industry to drive a better experience and higher effectiveness. Within six months, we have successfully conducted more than 300 AGMs for Joint Management Bodies (JMB) and Management Committees (MC). We have been trusted by many Property Management Corporations and property owners to carry out the AGM according to the strata act. ODESI eAGM simplifies the end-to-end AGM process to ensure hassle-free for all stakeholders. ODESI eAGM is also integrated to Commissioner of Building (COB) in Malaysia to create a new seamless experience for the online submission for the Minutes of General Meeting.

Key Features

Online Voting

Online Polling

Proxy Handling

Proposal Submission


Online Minutes of Meeting Submission to COB

The benefits of ODESI eAGM consist of:

Increase Owners Engagement

  • Break barriers and simulate the same experience as having a physical AGM using Live Two-way Webcast and podcast
  • Participate and view the meeting from anywhere
  • Enable your participants to have a fairer mode of voicing concerns

Heighten Owners Participation

  • Facilitate seamless and fuss-free shareholder registration and collection of AGM-related information in one integrated platform
  • Better auditing ability for past meetings and records

Transparency and System Control

  • Features such as real-time weighted Voting System for accurate Resolution results, Audit Trail and Report
  • Better auditing ability for past meetings and records
  • Cast votes through and collaborative online platform

Cost Savings

  • Reduce manpower costs = higher profits
  • Be part of the latest trend in meeting

Pre & Post AGM


  • Access necessary information and documents submitted by shareholders via Admin Access
  • Create pre-authorised user accounts and meeting roles
  • Configure integrated proxy pre-voting and live poll settings for a seamless experience. Polling will be integrated to ODESI Life - Property Management System & Residents Mobile App
  • Set question submission settings to allow for questions prior to proxy form submissions


  • Facilitate online participation via Admin Access
  • Real-time weighted voting with results displayed instantly in the portal
  • Manage Live Q&A platform for shareholder engagement
  • Broadcast Live Webcast of AGM so users can tune in from anywhere
  • Record Live Webcast through the web

Post AGM

  • Portal generates detailed audit trail reports
  • System to generate meeting agendas and resolutions
  • Owners to be able to view post polling and participating in them
  • Online user list for attendance tracking
  • Data and reporting exports for administrators and owners

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3-53, the Scott Garden 289, Jalan Klang Lama 58000, Kuala Lumpur


+603 2779 1663 OR 1800-88-ODESI